10 Easy Ways to Fall-Proof Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, not a danger zone. Here are ten simple changes you can make to improve your personal safety in your bedroom and help to prevent falls.

1.  Choose a bed that is high enough to get in and out of. Some excellent options to modify your existing bed are bed risers.

2.  If you need even more help getting in and out of your bed, we carry many options to modify your existing bed, including our Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Rail and our Home Bedside Helper Assist Rail.

3. Use our Pressure-Sensitive Bed Alarm to alert family members or caregivers that you've fallen out of bed.

4.  Plug in a sensor-control nightlight so to ensure that you can see where you're walking when it's dark.

5.  Keep your bedroom tidy. Don't leave books, clothes and shoes on the floor in areas where you walk or get out of your bed.

6.  Secure all carpets and mats firmly to the floor with special adhesive tape so that they won't slip.

7.  Keep a flashlight handy by your bed in case the power goes out.

8.  Your telephone should be easily accessible on your bedside table. If you use a mobile phone make sure that it is charged. We recommend having an extra phone charger always available beside your bed.

9. Attach our Light and Go Mobility Light to any kind of mobility aid to have hands-free light in the dark. The light uses patented motion light technology and easily clamps on to your cane, rollator, walker or wheelchair.

10. Placing our SafetyCare Floor Mat beside your bed will help prevent injury in the case of an accidental fall out of bed. Also available as a Trifold Floor Mat and Bi-Fold Floor Mat, the dense polyurethane foam construction of our mats help redirect the force of the fall.