5 Products That Will Prevent Falls in the Shower

After a fall in his shower, Mel G., who lives in an apartment in downtown Vancouver, needed to find ways to stay help his mobility and balance challenges. Mel was lucky; he didn't hurt himself when he slipped. Mel knew he needed to make some changes to bathroom home but he didn't want to renovate—or spend much money. Mel contacted us and we helped him put together a list of everything he needed. Mel was so happy with his list that we thought we should share it!

1. Adjustable height shower stool - $48

Durable and lightweight, this adjustable height bathroom support stool is also corrosion proof. It eliminate the worries and fears that can arise while entering, standing, as well as exiting your tub or shower. Legs are height adjustable in 1" increments. No matter when you take your shower, this top-rated bathing aid provides you with a safe bathing experience. 

2. Suction cup grab bar$40

Mel didn't need to drill any holes in his shower tile wall to install this versatile 12" grab bar. With an easy to use safety indicator—green when it is installed properly, red when it's not—it is easy to determine when the grab bar is properly secured or in need of adjustment. Simple to install at any angle without tools or damaging property, the large suction cups ensure a strong, dependable hold.

3. Non-slip shower mat$29

This non-slip bath mat with built-in temperature indicator has over 300 suction cups that provide an active secure grip that conforms to your bathtub. One of the best features is that it also has a temperature indicator that will change colour whether your bath water is too cold, within your comfort zone or too hot! Its ingenious contoured design will not block the drain.

4. Bathtub grab bar safety rail - $56

This safety rail provides a safe and stable surface to hold onto while entering or exiting the bath. It features an easy to clean vinyl coated surface and a large adjustment knob for a sure grip. The rail has two independent contact surfaces with the bathtub wall and also has contact point rubber pads that provide a strong grip. Installation is simple with easy tool-free assembly.

5. Anti-Slip Adhesive Bath Strips - $15

It can't get any easier—or more reasonably priced—than these anti-slip bath strips! Our non-slip waterproof strips are self-adhesive and long-lasting. There are eight treads per package.