Bathroom Safety 101

Simple modifications make your bathroom safe and secure

It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the safety hazards lurking in your bathroom. Damp, slick tile floor, hazy vision (you don’t shower with your glasses on, after all), flimsy towel racks that can’t hold your weight if you start to slip.



But fall proofing your bathroom is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1.  Buy non-slip bath mats
    Make your tub or shower secure inside and out.  Place a non-slip bath mat inside your shower or tub, even if it has anti-slip treads, and a large non-slip mat outside your tub or shower that sticks to the floor and won’t slide.
  1. Install grab bars
    A University of Michigan study found that one-third of people aged 60 and older had difficulty getting into and out of the shower or tub. Many tried to steady themselves by holding onto a towel rack or a shower door, neither of which is made to withstand that kind of weight and pressure.

Installing a simple set of grab bars in the shower or tub is a much better way to help you feel confident. Drive makes traditionally-mounted grab bars and suction cup grab bars that can be moved from one bathroom to another or used when you travel.  

The bathtub offers an additional challenge: climbing over the edge can be difficult. A sturdy tub rail installs quickly and provides an easy-to use handle to prevent accidents while getting in or out of the bath.

  1. Raise the toilet seat
    Many people with mobility issues have a hard time getting on and off a low toilet. Manufacturers offer toilets that sit higher off the ground but installing a new toilet is no small job, Drive makes raised toilet seats that securely increase the effective height of the seat and can be easily removed. Several models even have removable arms for additional security. 

Older adults may not feel the heat of tap water as quickly and burns can be particularly dangerous to people with diabetes or poor circulation. Make sure the hot and cold taps are clearly marked, and keep the water heater set no higher than 120F/49C. Lever-type controls are easier to operate than round handles, so consider changing yours while you’re doing other bathroom renovations.