Living Life in the Slow Lane

Lessons learned from a midnight fall

When 68-year-old Doris Huffmann fell and broke her hip she adopted a new mantra: “I do things mindfully and with care 

Doris was blessed – she came home rather than spending time in a rehab center - but getting her life back to normal was a slow 

Before Doris arrived home her family did a Home Assessment make sure that she would be safe and secure as she recovered from her 

Doris had originally fallen over a pair of shoes she had left on the floor as she was going from her bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Rethinking the lighting in her bedroom was a priority.  She bought a Light And Go Mobility Light and attached it to her bed for easy-access, motion-activated lighting.  Doris also order the The Lifestyle Hip Kit with several Daily Living Aids to help make her day to day life much 

Doris’ physical therapist recommended that she use a mobility assistance device when she returned home.  She was eager to get her life back – book club, bridge with friends, dinner at her daughter’s – but didn’t want anything large or cumbersome.  Doris opted for a cane, and chose a Folding Cane with Glow Gel Grip Handle – the grip handle and tip glow in the dark thanks to silicone gel, and her Light And Go Mobility Light attaches easily to the cane when she needs 

To help her get into and out of bed, chairs and sofas while her hip healed, Doris bought a Lifestyle Transfer Disc that rotates so she could move with little 

And to make light work of reaching for her sun hat on a closet shelf or a package of soup in her kitchen cupboard, Doris bought a Hand Held 

“I used to rush around trying to do as many things as possible in as little time as I could,” said Doris. “But since my fall, I think about what I’m doing, and do one thing at a 

Doris also started taking a restorative yoga class at her local seniors’ center.  Not only has it helped her develop her focus and mindfulness, it also has helped her increase her strength and balance.  Her posture and gait have improved and so has her confidence.  And with her personal Yoga Kit, if the weather is nasty she can keep up her program without leaving home.